Olivéma Olive Oil Origin

Olivéma is a Greek family-owned enterprise with its roots and base in Crete. It is owned by the Tzotzolakis family which has been producing its own extra virgin olive oil for several generations and which today excels in the cultivation, production and commerce of first class standardized Cretan extra virgin olive oil. The family’s first and original olive groves are still to be found around the picturesque village of Lakki, near the world-famous Samaria Gorge and Omalos area in Crete.

By living and working our olive groves, we have gradually become connoisseurs of this very Mediterranean fruit, the olive. Thanks to our long-standing experience and knowledge, we strongly support the small and medium-sized farmer approach for harvesting and olive oil extraction. This approach is based on millenia-old, natural techniques which ensure that all the goodness of the olive fruit is passed on into the olive oil itself. Why industrialize a process which nature has already perfected?

There are no fancy words or empty promises when it comes to choosing Olivéma extra virgin olive oil – our goal, which we strive on a daily basis to achieve, is to ensure that our highest quality and completely natural olive oil products reach the tables of our worldwide customers at the most reasonable prices possible.