Olivéma Olive Groves

Olivéma’s highly nutritious olives grow in groves which are situated at a height of approximately 400 metres above sea level. Some groves are owned whilst others have exclusive harvesting agreements with us. Olivéma’s extra virgin olive oil has been certified by the European Commission with the distinguished PGI – Chania Crete accreditation, a mark of the high quality of both the groves and the final end product.

Many of Olivéma’s groves are small to medium-sized, the youngest trees being around 25 years old, and are family-run, with the innate knowledge and experience of olive tree pruning and overall care passing down from one generation to the next. Whilst other olive groves are farmed by vigilant and well-respected monasteries, with whom our family has long-standing relationships, and which specialize in the care of the olive fruit.

Thanks to the long-standing Olivéma approach, we are able to guarantee the utmost pureness and overall quality of our olive oil, from the moment the first olive fruits are collected up until the oil being sealed in our airtight and dark Maraska bottles.